Friends and Zines

I’m really grateful that I am able to experience creating zines. By meeting up with my partners, not only do I meet great people, but I also have fun and get something accomplished at the same time. To my friend Lynn, I’m so happy that she is in my group because we had such a nice history and we don’t talk to each other that much but now we do. As for Vinh, Austin, and Chris, they are really cool people and I would like to know them better. Everytime we meet up, we always happen to have great and funny moments and laugh together. Sometimes we laugh at each other, but we know it’s just a joke. 

I couldn’t have asked for a cooler group. So far, we are 1/4 done with our zine and we can’t wait to see the outcome of everyone’s part. Although my group doesn’t know how I feel, I truly hope that I can become closer with them. Our zine would be the foundation of new friendships and thoughts combined. 

Photo by me


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