Farming Crisis

Dust_Bowl_1938_tractor_dbloc_NM_saAlthough we say, “We learn history to not repeat the past”, we always somehow end up reversing that statement. In Natalie Kitroeff and Geoffrey Mohan’s article, Wages rise on California farms. Americans still don’t want the job, farmers are running out of business due to “not tempted native-born Americans to leave their day jobs for the fields“. In Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, farmers must migrate west to find job opportunities because of the weather and debt. It just so happens that this book was also written during The Great Depression where millions of American citizens lost everything they had.

However, that need is now in reverse. There are plenty of job openings for anyone in farming, but no one chooses to make this as their career. Oh, how the time has changed compared to the Great Depression. Although this offer seems ridiculously horrible to those who complain about the increasing rate of unemployment, I can somewhat agree with them. You have to work day and night out in whatever conditions California weather has decided itself on. Not only will it take physical force, but although the wages were raised, it is still not enough to supply for their whole family.

But think deeper. Without these farmers, most of our fresh produce would not exist in supermarkets. We would not have exotic and sweet fruit. So why do the farm owners have to experience this sense of rejection and anxiousness? If farms vanish, who knows what would happen to our American diet. We would have to pay more money for imported goods to sell here in the US. I hope the outcome is well for both sides, the people and the economy. I hope that there will be a good resolution.

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