Distant Hobby

IMG_8847If I had more free time, I would continue to play League of Legends. This morning, I decided to take a fifteenth minute break before I went off to study. Within those fifteenth minutes, I caught up on professional League of Legends tournaments. Watching this is so nostalgic because I had the opportunity to actually watch one of these matches live. I remember the excitement that was running through my blood and mind. Not only was I able to watch these games live, but I was also able to meet the ACTUAL players! I was really fortunate because some people only had the chance of meeting specific players, while I was able to meet the whole team.

I truly miss those days where I would spend every Saturday and Sunday morning watching these tournaments. I thought that I would lose interest because I was so distant to these events. However, I still feel like I belong.

Hopefully when I can have time to myself, I will go back to watch it live. That day was one of my best days ever that I have experienced in life. I would love to make myself happy again.

Photo by me


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