Find Yourself

IMG_8848 (2)

Before I took this picture, I rushed inside my house and grabbed my Canon and rushed back outside like it was the last time I would have ever seen this flower. I am sure why I did that, but it made me even more excited to take this picture and explore the positions in which I am able to take it.

I never took a photography class or even watched YouTube tutorials on how to really use my camera. But I probably should. I was lucky enough to receive a camera from my cousin who was no longer using it and even gave me a pretty expensive lens for a beginner. Even though I had challenges, I still managed to get through my struggles and produced quality pictures in my opinion.  Recently, I even thought of creating my own Instagram dedicated to my photography just for fun.

Although I never planned to become a professional photographer as my career, I am happy that I was able to find a hobby that made me who I am. By finding yourself, you make yourself so much happier and it is something you love to do after all. I hope that I continue to take pictures in the future. And, I hope you readers find something that makes you happy as well.

Photo by me


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