My Friend, Part Two


Although I had wrote about my friend before, I feel like I do not publicly appreciate her enough. A few days ago, her dog had passed away and I felt like I literally could not do anything for her to make her feel better. Knowing her, she knew that the only way to get through that pain was by allowing time to pass by. Throughout the days of her absence at school, I was not genuinely happy. I laughed at my teachers’ jokes and I smiled whenever someone approached me, but it was not the same without Haley.

I know it is not the best idea to depend on anyone. However, when it comes to things like happiness, I think it comes naturally. And no matter how hard you try to be happy by yourself, sometimes it could work and sometimes it does not. But in my case, my happiness is being around those I love. I am happy that everyday I am getting closer to Haley because I feel like my true self when I am around her. Not only does she make me happy, but we are able to express any troubles that come across us to each other. I can recall a time where I needed someone to hug because I was crying over my APUSH final. I mumbled to her, “I tried my best, but I did not get the score I wanted”. Haley hugged me tightly and told me that although I may not pass the class with the grade I wanted, I will still get somewhere in life and be successful. She is the definition of a great friend.

Photo by me


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