What is Happiness?


Recently, I watched an amazing movie named The Pursuit of Happyness with my dear friend. The main character goes through many hardships, but he persevered to end up in a better place than before. It was an amazing journey that I experienced watching.

It made me wonder what my own happiness would be since it was different for most people. So far in my life, a family, a roof over my head, and money would be happiness for me. This would be the minimum of my happiness because although I might not have all the luxurious items or experiences in life, I would still be grateful for what I have.

Everybody might have the same or different mindsets on topics, but they have their personal interests and goals. Even though poverty will exist for a long time, I hope that no one ever has to experience what the main character went through to achieve happiness and to not hurt anyone in the progress of accomplishing their goals.

Picture by https://www.pinterest.com/farnazdehghani/the-pursuit-of-happiness/


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