Weren’t We Already Divided?


Before reading this article, I was already exposed to this event. My friend from Canada actually supports Trump, so his stance on Shia LaBeouf’s cause was indifferent. He was in it for the jokes. At first, I thought LaBeouf was supporting the idea of having rights for everyone and that they should not worry because everything will be okay according to him. However, it was instantly speculated that “the presence of neo-Nazis gathering at the site” from visitors would occur. 

There were many times where people brought memes into this and gave shout-out to their relatives or friends throughout this expedition. So, it is truly hard to get the message across when events like these occur. Some people were just being straight-up rude to online viewers and those around them at the event. Yes, everyone has their 1st amendment, but to what extent are they able to express themselves?

Not going to lie, but it was truly interesting to see random people express themselves. I feel like this event shows the differences in opinions of millions of people across the world. If you would want to stop it, it would be hard because there is no one that can truly control the voices of people who want to be heard. If they were able to, that would be a next level of non-democratic ways.

Photo by http://www.torchonline.com/features/2017/02/01/he-will-not-divide-us-exhibit/


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