Does Education Matter?


Over the years, education’s importance has been increasing over the decades. During my mom’s childhood, going to school was not the most important matter that she thought about. And now, she has a home and is currently making money, but at times, she often regrets not getting at least an undergraduate degree so that her life could be better than what she has now. So, I wonder what was the highest peak of education Donald Trump received. Well certainly, his tweets and statements says it all.

Being an American himself, I would think that he would have such patriotism that would be able to strengthen his love for the English language. However, he commits silly mistakes like, choker” [from] (“chocker”). Not only does this show me that Donald Trump does not know the basics of some English words, but also that maybe his intelligence on matters like these does not matter to the American citizens. After all, they did vote for a man like him. Yes, he might be good at his business, but shouldn’t education and basic spelling say more about who he is? For all I know, it seemed like he had the easy way of gaining money while those who work hard in school since preschool to possibly graduation school still have a difficult time of getting money in relation to the total value of their student debt and valuable spent time. I thought that America would be better than this when it came to voting in our election. President Trump states such ambiguous details about how he is going to change America for the greater good. Whenever he talks, he truly makes it seem like he has no clue to what he was talking about. However, he is our President after all. There is not much we can do, but to hope that he will not commit these similar language crimes again.

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