In my previous posts, I mostly wrote about happiness and delight. However, I find that funny because all I recall writing about were negative aspects in life. I noticed that I express myself in a optimistic way although I am usually pessimistic over many situations. Also, some of them are similar, like the discussion about preserving money. In my posts, I seem to return to the topics “happy” and “love”. I think I constantly return back to these topics because I either dearly miss experiencing these feelings so I felt the desire to write about it or that I was currently happy while creating those posts. I return to the SQUID elements “investigate” and “delight” because I am a very curious person and I like to find the good in people/things/events.

The link above would be a post I would not mind further discussing about. There are so many attributes and actions that my dog does to make me feel a certain way. And his emotions changes too based on circumstances. I could talk about my dog forever.


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