Today in class, I read an article by Beth Johnson called, “Let’s Get Specific“. Out of all the sources, this one is my favorite. Coming from regular English classes all my life, entering into AP English made me nervous about the work, but excited for the challenges that lie ahead of me.

I do not believe that I write well, and so this article tremendously exposed me to the better usage of the English language. It surprised me so much to see the comparisons of the body of texts given. While I was reading the improved paragraphs, I thought to myself, “Wow, I want to write like this.” And so then, I pondered about ways I can simply improve this in such little time before the AP exam. Was the answer to read more? To write more? Willingly, there will be nothing that would stop me from trying to improve myself.  Concrete writing must be, “supplied with specifics”, said by Johnson. That was the main part to make my goal accomplished. I must reveal details about whatever I am discussing about. Not only should creating details help me reach my goal, but hard work will also be involved when wanting to improve myself.

Art by Mark Bradford, Photo by Saatchi Gallery

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