Memes. Trending in our society of all generations, mostly teens. With so much stress from school, memes are our gateway to our happiness and leisure most of the time. We take the existence of memes lightly and not truly appreciate it for its worth sometimes. Without memes, I am not sure how happy I would be right now. Not only my happiness will be effected, but my relationships with my peers. Simply tagging a friend in a Facebook post of a meme builds our relationship stronger one meme at a time.

Every time I meet my friends, our conversations would go on for a long duration of time. In our conversation, we reference our topics to the recent meme we tagged each other in. Memes could be used to start new relationships. Also, it could be a conversation-mover when the conversation feels dead but you wish to continue talking.

Memes has changed our society as a whole. And I believe it was for the better. Although it can be a bit weird at times, I feel like all teenagers are able to connect to each other more because of memes.

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