Different Genres of Music


I recall those days where I would reply, “I am not a big fan of rap music” when asked about my favorite music genres. However, my experiences taught me that I am able to change. Two years ago, I got closer to my friend named Taylor. In our relationship, she exposed me to greater things and life.

Slowly I heard some rap songs that Taylor showed me and I decided to listen to some more on my own time. I instantly fell in love with this genre of music. Not only do I love this music, but it helps me concentrate and relaxes me through difficult times of my life. Without discovering rap music, I am not sure how I would be right now. Most likely not as happy and lively as I am now. It surprises me how our views can change overtime. I wonder what else will change about me as I get older. My interests? My specialty in school? My planned career? There are so many events headed in my life, and I am somewhat prepared. At least for now, I have the small things like rap music to get me through this.

Photo Album Cover by Post Malone


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