Work Hard, Play Hard

Student falls asleep in library

I feel like there could be a balance between both school and play. Although people say “its a waste of time” to play in the TEDtalk video, I believe that it is very beneficial to the students’ health. After so much stress from school, they deserve to have some time off to themselves. Not to lie, it is difficult to suddenly change our society for children and teens. With our education system, it is very competitive to be accepted by a UC school, which most students desire to attend. So if the UC schools are very stressful and difficult, then that would be the reason why high school demands so much work from the students. It is so that they would be able to prepare the future students of America to succeed.

As a student, I personally became less motivated when I tried my best for all my subjects in school but end up with unsatisfactory results. Therefore, I became depressed and I could not see light in my future and for my goal. Recently, I no longer have this feeling because I realized that I would turn out okay later in my life. However, if some other student had not realized this, what would have they become? With all the stress us students have, we must have days of freedom and play. As they say, work hard, play hard.


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