Glenn, The Slave.


In these pictures, all the names of the slaves are the same. Glenn.

Personally, I enjoy learning about any history. I feel like everyone who lives in America should have basic knowledge about what occurred in the 1860s till now. It is very vital information to create a moral society in America. However, with all these events that have been occurring recently, has that knowledge of the past suddenly disappeared? Has the events of history reminded us not to repeat the past? That is what I wonder about all the time now. We are all entitled to our opinions, but in the end, we are supposed to be one nation.

You would think that most people have changed and that equality has been exerted in its full effect, however, its not. The demographics and geographic areas of the U.S. has changed so much. It is going back to the 1860s. Not with slavery, but with racism, male superiority, and unbalance in social class. Recently, there has been major improvement in gender equality, tax distribution and much more. Of course, there could be more fixing to the system, but for now, we have improved plenty from the past.

Photo by me.


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