Kept Memories

I inherited my first DSLR camera from my dear cousin. Although I have never taken any pictures with such a high-tech camera before, I was grateful that I had an opprotuinity to do this. Along with the camera, he gave me two lens. Till this day, I also never knew how much my lenses were worth and its quality. 

I really didn’t start developing my interest in photography till late last year. Although there was so much to learn, I knew how to operate the basics like focusing and fixing my position. 

Something that I’ve learned is that  risks are part of the journey of photography. During this picture above, I endured some dangerous paths due to deep snow. It was quite an overwhelming experience, but I knew it shouldn’t slip away due to small circumstances.

This was one of my favorite pictures that I took because of the small detail. As you can see, the snow is falling as I was taking this picture. It’s temperature is cool which makes you feel relaxed when observing this picture. Every photo has so much meaning to it. 

I wish to continue my path in photography. Whether it’s landscape, portraits, or anything else, I would be more than glad to take pictures. 

Photo by me


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