Equality in A Form of Money


Economics have always been an interesting topic to me. I desire to learn and understand more about it, but I never really have the assistance to guide me through these complicated issues.

A few weeks ago, I recently discovered The Economist and I absolutely love this news company. One of their articles that intrigue me would be “Inequality or middle incomes: which matter more?“. Honestly, I was never positive on the stand of how taxes were distributed between all social classes till today. But just as I hoped, the lower class would pay the lower tax and the higher tax would pay the higher tax.

But of course, what would be an article without Trump in it? In this article, they discuss about Trump’s ideals on taxation which I totally disagree upon. The economy we have now is stable because it does NOT demonstrate inequality due to tax cuts in the middle class and equal amount of distribution between all classes. However, Trump wishes to lower taxes on the higher class. This will definitely change the meaning of equality in America. So when they discuss about inequality or middle class incomes, it is quite a hard subject to debate on because I am part of the middle class society. I understand that we have to be cautious with spending and our choices in life. Unlike the higher class, although they still have to make wise decisions, they have a advantage, which is the power of money, if they somehow mess up.

Whatever happens throughout these four years will be reflected on the people’s votes. I am happy that people are able to recognize the other social classes and its problems in society. Not only is this article interesting and informational, but I am also able to connect to the implements of the rules in taxing and income for my family and those around me.

Photo by http://lifeplunge.com/are-you-middle-class/


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