Fitting In

Today I officially met a friend that is in the same grade as me along with similar classes that we have. When I first entered this class in the beginning of the year, I was so uncomfortable because everyone was younger than me. Before I had this class, I had this feeling of being behind compared to most students. I realized that I am average, and that I’m not advanced nor below-average. But when I went into this class, I had that same feeling of being left out again.

When I talked to that person in my class today, we immediately expressed ourselves by saying, “I thought I was the only junior in this class but then I saw you.” It went something like that. He was quiet so I would never think I would have the chance to talk to him, but he’s just like me when it comes to socializing. He’s awesome once you get to know him. 

Today I realized that there are people out there that understand how I feel, and that they could be in my situation too. If there is anyone else in the world that feels this way, please know that you are not alone and you are just yourself. You can’t do anything about it but to just accept who you are and to try your best, always. 

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