A Nightmare That Became A Reality


Edward’s article, “The country needs a graceful loser in this election. The future of American democracy depends on it“, was agreeable upon in my political views. In his first paragraph, I was one of those tens of millions people in America that was disappointed and terrified.

Here we are, with our 45th president Donald Trump. Throughout my life, this year was a huge change for me. My views on topics became more grounded, I was able to exercise my 1st amendment more than I usually would, I found more hobbies that interested me, and I realized that the world was so divided. During the night of the election, my peers and I were just discussing about the possibilities about how this would end up. Sadly, there was not much that we could do. We felt as if we were the ones being targeted because we were against Trump and his supporters, and this could be true. I am terrified of my non-white friends and I’s future due to what has occurred on November 8th, 2016.

America is supposed to be the land of freedom. This country was built not upon white people, but people of different races, languages, religions, and cultures. This is why we have separation of government and religion proposed by Thomas Jefferson. This is why we abolished racial segregation. This is why we have the constitution. This is why we have freedom and liberty. With such a diverse country, who knew that we would end up with a leader like this. It was Clinton’s closing speech that sewed up our broken hearts and united our true people that includes minorities instead of just a majority.

Some things never change when comparing it to our country’s past. We never seem to learn as a country how much harm we cause to other groups of people and those around us. I connect my knowledge prior about U.S history to now, and it is so similar. Possibly geographically the electoral map has changed, but there are still people who wish they were the only superior race. Currently, the south predominantly wishes to have a weak central government just like the southern states in reaction to the Articles of Confederation so that they could focus on their businesses and their own lives while owning slaves. I am not saying all Trump supporters are racist, but with having Trump as our leader, he makes the decision with the approval of congress.

No matter how much we protest and complain, we cannot change the facts that Donald Trump is our president. Thankfully, Clinton is very accepting of that. Thanks to her, she helped women like me inspire to prove people that we are capable of working in higher positions. Thanks to her, she represented the minorities in America. Thanks to her, we are reminded to stand up for what is morally right and fair.

Photo by http://www.ace-clipart.com/american-flag-photos-01.html



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