Dislikes and Likes

Most people complain about how work can be boring, tiring, useless, and tedious. However, you find a way to find the silver lining of all this hard work. Not only does your hard work pay off in your future success, but also helps you to explore things you enjoy doing. In the end, it’s all in your perspective. If you see your work as eating your least favorite vegetable, you will lose all desire to try. However, if you find a way to maneuver around that track, it’ll benefit you and your emotions.

My dear friend created this example in part of his code. Our relationship consists of laughs and casual but special conversations. Some of our inside jokes include potatoes. Yes, potatoes. He was able to add more humor to his project. In doing so, it probably made him feel comedic and happy.

There are many things in life that we won’t like, however, there might be no way to avoid it. Finding the bright side of the darkness will assist us in our journey.


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