School Spirit

When my mom and dad introduced the idea of me possibly moving schools, I was not really sure what to think. The first thought that came to mind was leaving my bestfriend. That was really the only thing I was worried about. We grew so close these past eight years so it’s very difficult to separate. Especially since we’ve seen each other every day. 

But, here I am at my new school. I feel somewhat at home because I like my school and the people in it.  Of course it’s hard to make new friends, but that’s a me-problem sort of thing. My bestfriend and I still talk and we always talk about our nostalgic past together. It’s great. 

I was able to experience so much more than I would have at my school that I was supposed to attend to.  Our rallies are so energetic and it’s so amazing the way they perform anything. Everytime I attend one, I never regret it. The explosions of confetti and blasting catchy music gives me these chilly goosebumps. Especially when Bell Week comes around, it’s astounding how much effort they put into making such puny and enormous posters. It’s truly great. Whenever I talk to my parents, I randomy mention how grateful I am to attend my school.

Things change in life. We can’t always have everything consist of the same things every day. It’s uncomfortable. It’s stressful. But, you get used to it and you start to realize your happiness that you have. 


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