There’s something I do sometimes and it’s absolutely horrible. No one should do this to themselves but I shouldn’t say that because I, myself cannot help it. I can’t help but to compare myself to others. For example, it would be from personalities, to talents, and achievements. Especially when I’m surrounded by such an advanced community. The only silver lining I could notice is that it makes me work harder to be the better me. Instead of getting it easy, working hard pays off in the end and it’s more meaningful. 

It’s a Friday night, I had nothing else better to do so I decided to draw. Of course school work was an option but my brain would have probably exploded after a long week of tests and notes. Drawing did not come easy to me. When I was younger, I was self-taught. Every time I scroll through my Instagram feed, there are these art posts that I admire so much. The artists have so much talent and I wonder, “How could I do that?” Similarly, personalities differ like art styles from each person. My mom has probably heard me say this many times, “If I could wish for a talent, I would want to draw well.” During this drawing, every two minutes was like a trial and error. By the end of the time, eraser shreds were surrounding my 8 by 11 inch paper. It almost looked like rays of light coming out of my drawing. However, I didn’t feel satified. Maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on myself because I don’t take any art classes. But, I just didn’t feel good about it. Then the thought of artists come to mind, do they sacrifice something to receive this magical talent of being able to draw well?

The only way I could become a better drawer was to practice, practice, practice. Instead of trashing this piece, it turned out to be a foundation for my early art work. This drawing is a start to what I will become in the next few years or so. Yes, I should stop comparing who I am to other people. However, if anything, I would compare myself in a way that will benefit me later on. For example, exploring new techniques of shading, coloring, perspective, etc,. There will be people in the world who are better than you. There will be people in the world who are average or low. Remember that you are own unique person that will find its place in your lifetime. 


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