Life of Gaming


In the summer of ’14, League of Legends changed my life. I never thought I would ever have the opportunity of playing this game because of my lack of new technology. Lucky enough, my cousin, who absolutely loves computer programming, was able to supply me with a improved gaming computer. I sat on the edge of my seat with confusion while trying to figure out this game. Prior to this game, I had no experience with MMOs. It took me about a good year to actually fully understand and be decent at this game.

Throughout those months, playing league was the most stressful thing ever asides from my school work. Since I was only able to use the computer for gaming on the weekends, I tried play as much League of Legends that I could while prioritizing my school work. Of course, the world is not fully innocent. While playing this game, I encountered rude, ignorant, and cocky people. However, the whole community of League of Legends is not like this, but just be aware. Their comments did not stop me from being myself and I kept trying to improve for myself. There were times where I got frustrated and exhausted from trying to defend myself when they insulted me or what not. But I overcame it. It made me stronger.

Despite these negativites, there were friends that played with me and I had a great time. Having friends to play with makes this experience a whole lot better. Although we lost sometimes, that did not stop us from playing more together. League of Legends was a resource that I was able to use to become closer to my peers.

I believe that without this game being involved in my life, I would not have this sense of competition and quick strategy that I have now. Ever since September 10th, 2016, I have stopped playing due to my school work. From here and there, I still get this sensation of nostalgia of playing League of Legends. Those were good times, but it prepared me in a way that will make my future greater without having to play it anymore.

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