Children as puppets 

My back was bending at a 45 degree angle just to make sure every little spectacle of dog hair and dust was picked up. Then that was when the rememberance of the quote hit me. “Children should be holding pens, not tools”-Founder of the WE program. At first, I was unsure if this idea came from my history class or the WE program meeting I attended last week. However, in comparison, this has actually happened in the past and present of our world. My knowledge of child labor is broad, but I know enough to say it’s unjust. Don’t take this the wrong way, my parents do not force me to do tons and tons of chores daily. But in someone else’s life, they might have no choice but to do this. And yet, I am able to understand and comprehend the feeling of hardship and physical pain. 

Photo by me 


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