Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a WE program meeting. I do not regret attending this at all, if anything, I am grateful that I went. One part of the presentation made me absolutely shocked. Tina, our host, asked us questions that pretty much represented the whole program. She asked us, “Do stories matter? Does our story matter?” Right as she questioned us this, I immediately thought about my English class since our themes were exactly the same. The thought of this connection made me extremely happy and curious because I never thought I would be asked this question outside of my English class. After that, she asked us another question, “How does your story matter more than others?” This stumped us all.

Tina then transitioned onto her main reason she was here. We discussed about the statistics of child labor, homelessness, health care, and education. The numbers of deaths were unbelievably large. The whole day I was wondering about if there are any possible ways that we, as a team could change the world positively. Not only was I pondering these ideas, I was also despising the people who only benefit themselves and let the less-benefitted take care of the whole country’s need instead of themselves. The fact that some people use other citizens’ paid taxes to keep a wall standing rather than putting that money towards education was horrible. Its not that children do not want to have an education or homeless people choose to starve, it’s that they don’t have the opportunity to take on their desires in life.

She ended the presentation with this message. By doing so, I am able to stay connected and continue to understand other peoples’ lives in other third world countries.

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