I have always loved nature. It’s everywhere around you! Plants truly bring out my happiness and it definitely brightens my world. Even for small plants, I just can’t wait for them to grow and sprout into an amazing flower that they will be. When you enter someone’s household, usually people would first notice their plants and exclaim, “These flowers are so beautiful!”. This is one example of nature being important in our world. Plants helps brings out our happiness in the world. It shows that the world is not ugly. Nature gives me this sense of calmness and faith. Rather than having man-made items, there are more purer living things in life like plants. I feel like we should just take our time and appreciate what is around us everyday. Sadly, plants are decreasing around the world due to deforestation. Which does not seem reasonable to me because not only did they give us a beautiful scenery, they also provide us oxygen in the process of photosynthesis. Nature draws us closer to each other. We are able to create memories underneath these plants. I hope the world realizes that we need plants to live in life.

Photo by me


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