We are there for each other

It was August 21. The day was bright, breezy, and cool. The scent of burnt wood and gasoline near the bonfire filled up the air at night. Every time I took a step, it felt like the sand was hugging my feet. My friend and I strolled along the beach and discussed about so many topics. From here to there, there were very serious moments and yet very childish moments as well. We were there for each other whatever the circumstance. We learned new things about each other that we did not know before. Especially how we felt at a certain time and what we went through. As we went back to our main spot, we took a moment to admire what was around us. There were people running, playing sports, singing, and laughing. As we rotated our heads, we noticed together how beautiful the sky looked that day. Not only was the sky beautiful, but so was our friendship.

Photo by me


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